New family home with high ceilings

Bromarken – Jyllinge’s new residential district – is taking shape with a variety of homes by construction company Lind & Risør A/S. This family was delighted with the many options to personalise their home.

The new residential district Bromarken in Jyllinge is situated in a superb location with green areas and pathways, making it an attractive neighbourhood for young families.

For Daniel and Ida Listh, personalising the house to suit their needs has been an exciting process, which has involved creating an angled floorplan to accommodate a larger living room. They have documented the entire process on their Instagram profile nybyg_bromarken, commenting on the choices they made along the way.

The central, open-plan kitchen-dining-living room is the beating heart of the house. The vaulted ceiling makes a feature of the property’s dual aspect, and the result is a distinctive, bright and airy room. The daylight floods in from both the kitchen and the living room, as well as from the north-facing skylights in the kitchen. One side of the house is devoted to the children, with a shared playroom, with the opposite side is dedicated to the parents, also incorporating a utility room.


Tasteful wall colours

Lind & Risør offers a selection of acoustics-regulating ceilings, but Troldtekt alone offers wall-to-wall acoustic ceiling solutions – which geometrically was the best solution for the vaulted ceilings.

The couple chose white Troldtekt line throughout, which works well in every way, the family says.

The lines accentuate the orientation of the ceilings to create visually coherent surfaces. All the ceilings are white, while the walls are in slightly darker shades or tints to suit the individual rooms.

Using different colours on the walls and ceilings adds perceived height, and the family actually also opted for extra high ceilings. A number of clever solutions – including ceiling spots in all rooms and a spacious seating niche in the middle of the living room – have been incorporated, which of course is one of the advantages of building new.