SDG 15: Life on land

Troldtekt acoustic panels are a wood product, and wood is a healthy and flexible natural material which makes a positive difference to the carbon accounts. This is explained by the fact that while growing, each tree absorbs just as much CO2 as is released during its care, felling and transport. More and more developers are therefore choosing to construct buildings in which wood is the main load-bearing material.

At Troldtekt, we want to be able to trace all the wood in our products back to sustainable sources. And we want forest owners to take documented responsibility for the people who depend on the forest’s resources.

A balanced ecosystem

Deforestation is a problem in many parts of the world, which results in fewer trees absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and in the release of the CO2 that is already stored in the trees. On the other hand, protecting forests, biodiversity and reforestation help to ensure a balanced ecosystem.

This is where the leading wood certifications FSC® (FSC®C115450) and PEFC™ come into the picture. Both FSC and PEFC are international certification schemes that prioritise the environment, biodiversity, working conditions and the conservation of forestry areas.

About Troldtekt’s FSC certification

Troldtekt obtained FSC certification back in 2013, and since 2018 has also been approved to offer products in the ‘FSC 100%’ category, which means that all the wood used to produce each and every acoustic panel meets the FSC requirements. Strict traceability requirements have to be met – from when the wood arrives at our factory and until we deliver the finished acoustic panels to customers.

FSC-certified raw wood is separated from PEFC-certified raw wood throughout the production process, which means that every wood fibre in an FSC-certified Troldtekt acoustic panel is guaranteed to come from FSC-certified forests. And before we produce the FSC-certified acoustic panels, the production line is thoroughly cleaned.

About Troldtekt PEFC certification

The demand for certified wood is increasing in construction, which is why we decided to supplement our FSC certification with PEFC certification. This guarantees customers documentation that all the wood in our acoustic panels comes from responsible forestry operations.

This means that all Troldtekt acoustic panels are certified. In practice, all the raw wood is PEFC-certified, and a large proportion is also FSC-certified, as it comes from ‘double-certified’ forests. However, the finished acoustic panels can only be certified according to one of the two certification schemes, and customers can freely choose between either one or the other – PEFC or FSC.

A number of responsible principles

With the two certifications, our customers are guaranteed that the wood can be traced back to responsible forestry. In other words, it means that the forest owners have been focusing on:

  • maintaining or increasing the level of biodiversity, among other things by leaving damaged trees and treetops in the forests

  • replanting forests and protected forest areas where there are particularly favourable conditions for biodiversity and endangered species

  • ensuring that forest workers are trained and have good working conditions

  • managing forests without the use of hazardous chemicals

  • ensuring good access conditions for forest users.