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Troldtekt acoustic panels have unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in, for example, private homes

We spend most of our time in our homes – sometimes perhaps even many of our working hours. This is where we spend time together with our nearest and dearest. This is where we recharge our batteries, where our children grow up, and where we live our lives. 

In this feature, you can read how sustainability, a healthy indoor climate with superior acoustics and elegant design can all be combined in private homes. Moreover, see what a difference choosing the right materials makes for the overall acoustic comfort.

The feature also showcases newbuilds and refurbished homes where the architects and clients have devoted considerable time and attention to the details.

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One designer’s interior design principles

The designer and architect Bruno Jakobsen always works according to three fundamental design principles, whatever the project. Get the designer’s interior design tips, and be inspired by his distinctive design.

Choosing a design solution? Find out what our architect recommends

Are you all for a light, Nordic look with discreet lines? Or would you prefer to spice things up by adding bolder touches? A Troldtekt design ceiling ensures optimum acoustics and a characterful home. Pick up a few recommendations for the right acoustic solution from the architect behind the Troldtekt design solutions.

Troldtekt contributes to a world in harmony

Troldtekt has been working strategically with sustainability for more than a decade. Sustainability is at the heart of our business as well as our products.

With and without Troldtekt: How much difference does it make to your home?

Keen to avoid reverberation and sounds being cast around your home? If so, it’s all about shortening the reverberation time. See how much difference a Troldtekt acoustic ceiling makes to the acoustics.

Choose a design ceiling with discreet grooves for your home

Troldtekt has launched two new products in its series of characterful design solutions: Troldtekt® v-line 1way and 2way. Both are characterised by discreet v-shaped grooves milled into the surface, and as the solutions are based on the classic Troldtekt acoustic panels, they are very competitively priced.

Significant alterations needed to brand-new family home

A new build is no guarantee of good acoustics. This is what the Boje family found on moving into their new home in Solbjerg near Aarhus. New Troldtekt acoustic panels had to be installed on the ceilings before the property finally started to feel like a home.

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