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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about Troldtekt acoustic ceilings

As a general rule, the battens – longitudinal as well as transverse – must be installed per 600 mm, corresponding to the standard width of the Troldtekt panels.

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Troldtekt has a maximum span of 600 mm, which translates to the following no. of screws per panel:

Panel size 600 x 600 mm: 4 screws per panel
Panel size 1200 x 600 mm: 6 screws per panel
Panel size 2000 x 600 mm: 10 screws per panel
Panel size 2400 x 600 mm: 10 screws per panel

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Yes, all Troldtekt products are tested for reaction to fire in accordance with EN 13501:
- The reaction to fire classification for Troldtekt panels is B-s1,d0.
- The reaction to fire classification for Troldtekt A2 panels is A2-s1,d0.

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Yes, Troldtekt can be used in wet rooms without problems. We have many years of experience using Troldtekt ceilings in places such as swimming baths, locker rooms, bathrooms and summer houses with swimming pool.

The cement contents in Troldtekt ensure that the wood wool in the panels is not damaged by moisture.

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Yes, the cement contents in Troldtekt ensure that the panels are not damaged by moisture.
Therefore, Troldtekt is very suitable for e.g. under eaves and under lean-to roofs.

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It is important that the Troldtekt panels are allowed to acclimatise before they are installed. Acclimatisation means that the panels must adapt to the temperature and moisture in the room where they are to be installed.

Troldtekt is a completely natural material consisting of approx. 50% wood, and the panels will therefore ‘work’ to achieve the same temperature and moisture level as their surroundings. Therefore, you should not start installing Troldtekt before the building process has been completed and the heating turned on.

The Troldtekt panels have undergone a drying process before leaving the factory at Troldhede, but during transport or storage, the panels may again absorb moisture. If you install Troldtekt panels without prior acclimatisation, you risk that the panels might shrink after they have been installed, creating small shrinkage cracks.

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No, Troldtekt does not shed dust! Troldtekt has obtained indoor climate certification in the best classes in accordance with the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling (Dansk Indeklima Mærkning). In order to obtain the indoor climate certificate, the Troldtekt panels have, among other things, been tested for particle release.

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Yes, Troldtekt is one of the few acoustic ceilings available which you can paint using ordinary water-based paint – without reducing the sound-absorbing properties.

If you want to paint an existing ceiling, you can use a long-haired paint roller or a hand sprayer. Please note, however, that the open structure of the Troldtekt panels makes it difficult to achieve the same uniform coverage as the ready painted panels from the factory.

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You can make an El 30 construction with min. 25 mm Troldtekt on wood battens and 100 mm mineral wool (60kg/m3) in batts assuming that the mineral wool is secured every 300 mm by either wood battens or annealed wire.

You can also build an El 30 construction with min. 25 mm Troldtekt suspended in steel profiles (C60 system) and 2 x 50 mm mineral wool (60 kg/m3). The bottom layer of mineral wool is are adapted to the main profiles and the installation profiles, while the top layer is adapted to the quick-fit suspension bracket. 

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At Troldtekt Limited, we’re always happy to advise on the use of acoustic solutions, installation systems, ventilation and fire-protection. We also offer to perform acoustic calculations for guidance purposes and share experiences from projects that use Troldtekt acoustic solutions.

However, we are not liable for advice provided to builders, advisors or other parties involved in a construction project – neither in connection with project planning, calculations nor the sale of Troldtekt acoustic solutions.

We therefore recommend that you use a consultant to assess the specific solutions and constructions for a specific building.