Troldtekt withstands even the most humid rooms

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool can withstand high humidity levels and high temperatures. This makes the acoustic panels an obvious choice for swimming centres and shower rooms, for example.

The Danish Technological Institute has documented that Troldtekt acoustic panels are suitable for installing in rooms with:


  • moisture levels of up to 98 per cent (+/- 2 per cent)
  • high temperatures of up to at least 40 degrees.


Troldtekt has thus achieved the highest CE marking level (D) for water resistance.


The documentation shows that Troldtekt is a robust choice for even the most humid and warm rooms such as swimming pools, shower rooms and wellness departments.

Tested in demanding environments

The Danish Technological Institute, which is accredited to document the water resistance of materials, exposed
Troldtekt panels to extremely high levels of humidity. The test was carried out in accordance with the European product standard for suspended ceilings DS/EN 13964.

To achieve the CE mark’s best class (D) for water-resistance, the acoustic panels must be able to withstand a relative air humidity (RH) in excess of 95% at temperatures above 30°C.

Troldtekt has been tested to withstand an RH of 98% (+/- 2%) at a temperature of 40°C.


Dimensional stability

Even in humid environments, Troldtekt panels are dimensionally stable and retain their flatness, so that they do not warp over time.

The Danish Technological Institute has found that the dimensions of the panels only change by 0.005 per cent if the humidity in a room changes by 1 percentage point.

Download moisture stability documentation


Screws and profiles protected from corrosion

When installing the acoustic panels in very humid environments where chlorine is also present, Troldtekt supplies C5 special structure screws that are extra corrosion-resistant. This means, for example, that for suspended ceilings in swimming centres, you can choose a complete C60 profile system in steel, where both the profiles and the screws are C5-rated.

The screws are available in all colours to match painted Troldtekt acoustic panels installed on walls and ceilings.