Visit the Troldtekt showroom in Malmö

At our combined office and showroom in Malmö, you can experience a wide range of Troldtekt acoustic solutions. For example, solutions from our design series, which combine superior acoustics and a healthy indoor climate with characterful design.

At Höjdrodergatan 23 in Malmö you will find Troldtekt's combined office and showroom. Here, architects and other construction professionals kan experience Cradle to Cradle certified acoustic solutions – in a selection of variants installed in an elegant office environment.

Experience distinctive design

In the showroom in Malmø you can both experience the classic Troldtekt acoustic panels in different colours as well as a wide range of solutions from Troldtekt's design series; Troldtekt v-line with discreet longitudinal grooves cut into the surfaces, Troldtekt line with more distinctive and lengtwise surface grooves, Troldtekt puzzle with square acoustic panels with four equal sections, rhombus-shaped Troldtekt panels and much more.

Milestone is part of the showroom

The new Troldtekt acoustic panels based on the cement type FUTURECEM™ are also on display. The panels have a carbon footprint that is 26 and 38 per cent lower than the carbon footprints of Troldtekt based on grey and white cement, respectively – measured throughout the entire life cycle of the acoustic panels.

Book a visit to Malmö

The showroom at Höjdrodergatan 23 in Malmö is open to architects and other construction professionals. The showroom is located on the third floor. However, you need to make an appointment in advance if you want to visit the showroom.

Don’t hesitate to email us at if you’d like to book a visit.

Troldtekt showroom in Malmø