Troldtekt withstands even the most humid rooms


New documentation shows that Troldtekt withstands moisture levels of up to 98 per cent – combined with high temperatures. This shows that the panels are suitable for the most demanding wet and warm environments in, for example, swimming pools.

Troldtekt acoustic panels tolerate moisture even better than previously thought. Troldtekt moves up a level in the CE marking when it comes to the water resistance of the acoustic panels – from C to D, which is the highest level. This follows a range of new tests, which have exposed the panels to extreme humidity levels.

The new documentation shows that Troldtekt withstands moisture levels of 98 per cent (+/- 2 per cent), and that the panels can at the same time be mounted in rooms with high temperatures of up to at least 40 degrees. Troldtekt is thus an obvious and robust choice for swimming pools, shower rooms, wellness departments and similar facilities.

“We haven’t changed our acoustic panels in any way, but we’ve had them tested in even more demanding conditions. This has resulted in even stronger evidence that Troldtekt is perfect for installing in swimming pools and other wet rooms,” explains Vibeke Pedersen, Head of Engineering Department at Troldtekt A/S.

The new tests were carried out by the Danish Technological Institute, which is an accredited institute, and according to the European product standard for suspended ceilings (EN 13964).

Natural strength from cement and wood

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels consist of Danish wood and cement, and the acoustic panels retain the essential qualities of these components – the strength of cement and the natural breathability of wood. The panels cannot rot and do not attract fungal growth or other microorganisms.

At the same time, Troldtekt panels are dimensionally stable and retain their flatness – even in humid environments – which means that they do not warp over time. The Danish Technological Institute has found that the dimensions of the panels only change by 0.005 per cent if the humidity in a room changes by 1 percentage point.

According to Troldtekt’s Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), the acoustic panels have a life span of at least 50 years. However, Troldtekt has been producing panels since 1935, and experience has shown that the panels retain their technical properties for at least 75-80 years.


Screws and rails protected from corrosion

For installing the acoustic panels in very humid environments where chlorine is also present, Troldtekt offers special structure screws in corrosion protection category C5 (very high). This means, for example, that for suspended ceilings in swimming pools, it is now possible to choose a complete C60 profile system in steel, where both the profiles and the screws are C5-rated.

The screws are available in all colours to match painted Troldtekt acoustic panels installed on walls and ceilings.