Troldtekt’s CSR report on exclusive list third year in a row

For the third year running, Troldtekt has been recognised as one of the best Danish SMEs at communicating about social responsibility. Global Compact Network Denmark and FSR – Danish Auditors are behind the ‘SME COP list’, which was published at an event at Vækstfonden. 


It is important that companies act responsibly – and that they report on their initiatives so that others can be inspired.

Every year, Global Compact Network Denmark and FSR – Danish Auditors put together the SME COP list, which celebrates companies with less than 250 employees who do a particularly good job regarding their CSR reporting. For the third consecutive year in 2022, Troldtekt’s CSR report has been included on the exclusive list.

The reports are assessed based on two criteria:

  • Relevant and important information about the company’s work with the Global Compact principles.
  • Credible and useful information about the results of the company’s work with the Global Compact principles.

Global Compact Network Denmark and FSR – Danish Auditors highlight, among other things, that Troldtekt’s CSR report has “detailed descriptions of the objectives, and then a column with transparent descriptions of the status of the individual objectives”. Moreover, the company’s CO2 emissions are presented under Scopes 1, 2 and 3, and the description of Troldtekt’s activities within each of the three scopes was also praised.

Companies that have joined the UN’s voluntary CSR initiative – Global Compact – must report to the UN every year on the progress they have made. Troldtekt has been a Global Compact member since 2010.

Transparency in the presentation of data

The list of the best CSR reports from SME companies was presented at an event at Vækstfonden in Hellerup, Copenhagen, on Tuesday 6 September. Troldtekt’s Head of Sustainability and Communications Tina Snedker Kristensen was there to acknowledge the honour.

“Social responsibility is, of course, first and foremost about the initiatives being implemented in the company. However, reporting on the initiatives is also very important, because it makes it possible to document the CSR efforts in a concrete, transparent and inspiring way,” she says.

An important part of Troldtekt’s CSR report is the comprehensive section with data documenting everything from raw material and energy consumption to CO2 emissions and absence due to illness. 

“We are transparent in our presentation of the data to enable a comparison of developments in recent years. It takes a lot of work to collect data systematically, but it also raises internal awareness of our CSR activities more effectively when everyone can see the development in the data in black and white,” says Tina Snedker Kristensen.

Within the framework of Cradle to Cradle

For the past decade, Troldtekt has based its business strategy on the sustainable design concept Cradle to Cradle. Cradle to Cradle also provides the framework for the content of Troldtekt’s CSR report for 2021, which was published in June 2022, and which has now earned a place for itself on the SME COP list.

In the report, Troldtekt provides concrete examples of the company’s progress in 2021 within the five Cradle to Cradle categories:

  • Material health
  • Material reutilisation
  • Renewable energy
  • Water stewardship
  • Social fairness

One of the highpoints in 2021 was the development of Troldtekt acoustic panels based on the cement type FUTURECEM™. The new acoustic panels have a significantly lower carbon footprint than Troldtekt based on traditional cement.

Also, the introduction of a new paint type across the product range was an important part of the reporting. The new paint has paved the way for Troldtekt advancing to the best Cradle to Cradle category within material health.

Read Troldtekt’s CSR report for 2021

INSPIRATION: Three good reporting tips

FSR – Danish Auditors has a CSR Committee. The committee has three general pieces of advice for SMEs wanting to develop and improve their CSR reporting:

  1. Show who you are and what you work for
  2. Communicate targets and actions
  3. Be credible

Read more about SME COP, and find the above three tips explained in more detail