Distinguished honour for the "Kronprinsen" in Malmö in Sweden

The renovation of the Kronprinsen shopping centre has not gone unnoticed. At the Nordic Commercial Spaces & Communities award show in Stockholm, the Malmö project received the 'Commercial Space of the Year 2024' award. Troldtekt acoustic solutions are part of the shopping centre’s new design.

Troldtekt acoustic panels have unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in, for example, office buildings

Several prestigious awards were presented when Nordic Commercial Spaces & Communities (NCSC) held the Sweden Awards 2024 on Thursday, 11 April. It happened with a gala evening at Downtown Camper in Stockholm.

Among the evening’s award winners was the Kronprinsen shopping centre in Malmö, which was honoured with the 'Commercial Space of the Year 2024' award. Kronprinsen is owned by the real estate company Heimstaden – and several variants of Troldtekt acoustic solutions are included in the centre’s renovated design.

NCSC, which is behind the awards, is an industry organisation representing shopping areas in the Nordic market, and the purpose of the annual awards show is to celebrate the industry’s most successful, innovative and creative efforts in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

A laudatory jury

First, the jury selects national winners in each Nordic country, who then compete in a Nordic final. The different award categories are 'Commercial Space of the Year', 'Commercial Player of the Year', 'Innovation of the Year' and 'Marketing Campaign of the Year'.

And it was in the category for commercial spaces that Konprinsen took the Swedish victory. Some of the reasons cited by the jury are:

"The master plan is clear and coherent, with carefully designed environments where small and special areas have been skilfully utilised. They nurture and emphasise the history of the building, while at the same time having a modern and innovative design.

"With high-quality materials and details, they have created a space that feels warm and caring. The tenant mix is an appropriate blend of retail, service and functions, and the food selection is innovative and on-trend, yet also timeless in experience and feel."


How Troldtekt is included in the Kronprinsen's design

Kamikaze Arkitekter is responsible for Kronprinsen’s new interior design in line with a renovation, where the centre’s design has been given a contemporary look, including the use of wood and warm colours.

Troldtekt acoustic panels were chosen for the cafe and restaurant area, where the natural wood panels ensure that guests can eat and converse in an acoustically comfortable environment.

In addition, the design solution Troldtekt curves was installed on the walls in the bicycle parking and basement passage area, where there are also classic Troldtekt acoustic ceilings.

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