Premiere in Leipzig: Circular modules will revolutionise the construction industry

With its flexible modular systems, the company Urban Beta will build circular buildings on demand. The concept had its world premiere in an extension to Leipzig International School – where Troldtekt is part of the design. On 22–23 February 2024, the project partners shared their experiences at the school's 'Circular Partners Day'.


The needs of a building can change over time. Perhaps it needs to be scaled up for more people – or down for fewer. Perhaps the building requires a different function or needs to move to a completely different location.

With economically attractive modular systems, the German company Urban Beta wants to revolutionise the construction industry. The Betaport system is designed as flexible, on-demand building modules. For example, if a school needs to expand, Urban Beta can provide a number of robot-manufactured modules in healthy and circular raw materials.

Urban Beta has now done just that at Leipzig International School, and Troldtekt acoustic panels are part of the design. On 22–23 February 2024, project partners were invited to an event in the new Betaport extension in Leipzig, and as part of the event, Urban Beta interviewed the companies that supplied materials for the innovative project.

Troldtekt’s Head of Sustainability and Communications, Tina Snedker Kristensen, participated in an interview with renowned trade journalist Miriam Beul at the school in Leipzig on Thursday, 22 February. 

Longest possible life cycle

Urban Beta emphasises the use of recyclable materials with a focus on both their carbon footprint and sustainability in a broader sense. The aim is for the modules and materials to have as long a life cycle as possible. And with Troldtekt’s many years of strategic work with the Cradle to Cradle principles, the acoustic panels fit in well with such a concept.

Troldtekt panels consist of Danish cement and wood from certified Danish forests (PEFC™ and FSC® C115450). The acoustic panels have achieved Cradle to Cradle certification at gold level, have a service life of at least 50–70 years and can be repaired and painted repeatedly without degrading their acoustic properties.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels are documented as being free of harmful substances and can therefore safely be returned to the biological cycle. In addition, waste from the production of Troldtekt panels is returned to the technical cycle and used as a resource in new cement by Aalborg Portland.

Urban Beta and Troldtekt collaborated for the first time in 2022, when the Troldtekt line design solution was installed at Urban Beta’s stand at the Greentech Festival in Berlin. The same solution – black-painted Troldtekt line – was chosen for the project at Leipzig International School.

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