Acoustic solutions for DGNB-certified buildings

How Troldtekt contributes to DGNB certified buildings

Troldtekt contributes positively in five of the six overall DGNB certification ratings. The acoustic panels can also help secure bonus points for the circular economy.

Working with Ramboll, we have prepared a documentation package to make it easier for auditors to calculate the specific contribution of our products to the various DGNB criteria. The document packs apply to the version of DGNB intended for Denmark.

Below, you will find a list of the DGNB-criteria for which Troldtekt contributes with points and for which auditors can be given documentation. The list is based on the Danish DGNB-criteria. Please be aware that some criteria require product- and project-specific data.

Please note:
Troldtekt’s documentation for the criteria listed below contains confidential information and will therefore only be given to auditors.

Launched in 2008, DGNB is the German sustainability certification for buildings.

In Denmark, DK-GBC chose Germany’s DGNB as the voluntary sustainability certification tailored to Danish conditions. The first Danish version of DGNB appeared in 2012 and has since been updated in manuals tailored to the Danish building regulations.

DGNB is also known as a second-generation system because the system was developed and adapted later than BREEAM and LEED, for example, and therefore builds on prior experience. DGNB is wide-ranging in its analysis of construction and touches on virtually all aspects of sustainability. DGNB stands for:

Gesellschaft für

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Selected Troldtekt cases with a DGNB-certification