Industrial complex with sustainable future

The former tobacco factory in Hirschsprung Hus has been renovated several times. The building has now undergone a process which saw the removal of all the fixtures and fittings, after which it was elegantly fitted out while showing great respect for both the building and the environment.

Ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in office buildings
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The 500 workplaces at NNE A/S in Virum, Denmark, are distributed across several wings, which are now well integrated and have a distinctive entrance.

Together with the pharma engineering company NNE, the architectural firm Over Byen Arkitekter was responsible for the high-profile renovation project, where the client, the pension company PKA, wanted a property with a good indoor climate and low energy consumption. Therefore, PKA also sought gold certification under the DGNB sustainability certification scheme. Over Byen Arkitekter often works with renovations or restorations of older or listed buildings, and therefore has considerable experience with seeing the potential in otherwise run-down buildings.

Elegant contrasts

The central part of NNE’s premises is the large high-ceilinged industrial space, with its eye-catching ceiling height and shape. All the installations have been kept visible to maintain the sense of height, and to illustrate the environment which NNE’s employees usually work with – building pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

White Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels regulate the acoustics, but are also a recurring material throughout the building, uniting the various wings and storeys.

In contrast to the raw industrial look, the rest of the interior is very welcoming and on a human scale. The various types of workplaces are beautifully supplemented with lounge furniture and plants. A particular detail is the ‘cigar box’ – meeting boxes clad in perforated plywood which help to break up the large space.