M1 classification

Troldtekt is classified in the M1 category by the Finnish Indoor Air Association and the Building Information Foundation RTS. This building material classification system promotes the use of low-emission products and has three emission classes. Emission class M1 corresponds to the best quality and emission class M3 includes materials with the highest emission rates.

A product will receive the M1 classification provided that it meets specific requirements and has been tested by an independent laboratory. In addition to chemical tests, the products go through a sensory evaluation process by an Odour Council.

Troldtekt acoustic panels were awarded the M1 certificate which ensures that VOC and odorous results comply with a number of criteria.

The tests were carried out by the Danish Institute of technology where the following methods were used for testing: ISO 16000-9, ISO 16000-3 and Eurofins 4430.


Difference between M1 & the Indoor Climate Label

The primary difference between the M1 certificate and Indoor Climate Label is that the Indoor Climate Label measures the VOC emissions in one combined value for the VOC's whereas the M1 certification system measures the VOC emissions as separate values.

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