Troldtekt® profile systems

You can choose between different profile systems when installing a suspended Troldtekt acoustic ceiling. In some systems, the profiles are a visible design element, while in others they are completely hidden.

In project buildings such as larger offices, schools and institutions, you typically achieve the greatest acoustic effect when you install a suspended Troldtekt ceiling in a profile system. The rail system will have a distance of, for example, 200–300 millimetres to the fixed ceiling, so that there is a cavity above the acoustic ceiling.

You have the option to choose between several different grids, depending on the ceiling design and the type of installation you want.

In a C60 profile system, you install the Troldtekt panels with screws or KN brackets. In a T-profile system, you lay the panels in the profiles without the use of tools – and you can choose whether the profiles should be visible or concealed.

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