Space for play

The design of the kindergarten Børnehuset Himmel og Hav (Heaven and Sea) is based on a strong architectural idiom that beautifully integrates the interior and exterior environments. It forms a unified whole with many different types of rooms and spaces and ample space for play!

Troldtekt, Himmel og Hav
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

Red clay shingles have been used to clad all the kindergarten’s facades, and are in many respects a suitable material. The neighbouring buildings – a church and a school – are built from traditional red brick, and the new building therefore blends in well. Shingles is a robust material, and also help to ensure that the scale of the building is perceived as being smaller than it actually is. Like stacking large bricks, the elements that make up the kindergarten have been composed around the ‘Red Square’, which is the institution’s focal point. The smaller units provide scope for spending time outdoors, both on and around the building.

Many types of rooms

Inside, the ‘bricks’ do not feel like elements that interrupt the space, but as a way in which to distribute the functions so that the building is clear and rational. The rooms for the nursery and kindergarten children are particularly spacious by virtue of their layout and the daylight flooding in from several directions. The wardrobe rooms are so large that there is also space for the children to play and engage in big activities. The kindergarten has a good spatial flow, which contributes to the positive atmosphere throughout the building. White Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed on all the ceilings as a recurring material, and contributes to the pleasant indoor climate.

In addition to the day rooms, the kindergarten has its central Red Square, which is used for everything from children’s yoga to Shrovetide fancy dress parades. The room is graphically decorated with a city skyline in silhouette and small houses with windows. From here, you pass through to a movement room, where children can play with foam cushions and other motor play activities. This room is also very distinctive with black Troldtekt ceilings and a combination of black-painted and veneer-clad walls. Daylight is also dominant here, with large windows offering panoramic views towards several compass points.