Idyll in Brede

Since far back in history, the Millå river in the Danish neighbourhood of Brede has been a source of industry. The building is now used as a café and function room.

Acoustic panels from Troldtekt offer unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in cultural buildings

The area around the old Brede Værk works buildings north of Lyngby has a very special historical atmosphere, as the location of Denmark's largest industrial complex of listed buildings. Today, the buildings provide the setting for the museum of Brede Works, part of the National Museum of Denmark, as well as a restaurant and Høkeren, which is adjacent to the function room.

The function room can be hired for events such as birthday parties or talks with or without refreshments. It's also used once a month for communal dining. On the other side of the gate, the Høkeren café serves coffee and light dishes al fresco as well as a selecton of groceries.

Atmospheric premises

The function room is incredibly charming, with small-framed windows on both the street and courtyard sides bringing plenty of light and atmosphere to the space.

ATM Design were responsible for the interior, which is clearly inspired by the building's history and somewhat rural setting. The niches under the windows have room for cushions and pillows that invite guests to sit and look out over the street and the river. Thin curtains frame the fine windows, while a delicate green colour from windows to floor brings horizontal harmony to the room. The premises can be fitted out in a variety of ways and divided down the middle by curtains, where the ventilation system already breaks up the ceiling surface.

For the ceilings, Troldtekt line in natural wood have been installed. The linear pattern of these panels highlights the room's depth and runs parallel to the façades. In a room that contains many types of furniture, this brings a calm and cohesive to the interior space, while at the same time ensuring the superior acoustics standards required by large gatherings.