Harlev Library

The new library in Harlev is the result of a merger between the adjacent school’s library and the town’s public library. It is a simple and carefully detailed building with a dark copper façade shaped like a large bookcase with three metre tall giant books.

Troldtekt, Harlev Library
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect

There is a very pleasant atmosphere in the large, bright room which functions as a loan section, study hall and children’s department. Now everyone in the town can enjoy a new and lively library with a better service. The manager of the library, Dorthe Vind, says:

“I often hear people saying how nice it is to come here. The library can hold many people without being too noisy. 700 pupils attend the school and with one weekly library lesson per class, we actually have two classes in here most of the time. Moreover, many pupils come here to read or use the computers in the lunch breaks.”

Sahl Architects designed the new building and also renovated a number of rooms at the school. Architect MAA, Leif Poder Andersen, says:

“Suspended ceilings made of Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed in the new library, giving the room warmth while ensuring great acoustics as well as a robust ceiling. The lighting has been integrated in the ceiling and runs in long transverse lines. Except for the integrated lights, we have used the same solution in the new common rooms at the school.”

“Later when the ceiling in the main circulation area of the school was renovated , we again installed Troldtekt with integrated lighting. These rustic and robust panels go very well with the rest of the building and at the same time the acoustics are excellent and complement the interior design.”