Close to nature and a play of colours

The building’s design and surfaces are modern yet it fits perfectly within its surroundings. Welcome to the nature and cultural centre in Krik.

Troldtekt, Krik Nature & Culture house
Photo: Force4 Architects

The cultural centre stands as a landmark within the windswept landscape and functions as a base in which to enjoy and explore the raw and beautiful nature of the area. It provides new life and cultural opportunities to the Fjord and the town, inviting everyone to experience its beauty.

When the Centre was built, it was essential to acknowledge the context of the rural landscape of Thy National Park. The architecture is directly inspired by the old barns and warehouses that existed throughout the area many years ago.

A flexible interior space

The Krik building is formed as a reinterpretation of the simple and traditional pitched roof house. The majority of the building comprises a single large common open space that spans the entire length of the house. There is a centrally placed fireplace and an open kitchen. Each end has a section with changing room, bath and toilet.

From the large common room there is access to the bed loft. In a simple way, the interior space is flexible, well suited for different cultural events and can be used for smaller groups such as windsurfers, school classes or other visitors to Thy National Park.

The materials inside have been carefully selected. In respect for the natural beauty of the outside areas the Space is kept as minimalistic as the exterior building. The material choice thereby represents a simple consistency and leaves space for the real attraction - the view.