Warm reception at medical clinic

The Aahaven medical centre at Sæby has grown from a previous children's home on the site. Here, every detail has been considered with the aim of creating a well-organised facility with a modern interior to support the very busy working day. It was also important to all concerned that it should be warm and inviting and not be a 'cold clinic'.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

"The original building offered a good basis for renovating and changing into a medical centre. New service systems have been installed and surfaces changed, while the existing rooms were ideal for use as consultation rooms and a laboratory,” explains architect Mads Østergaard.

"We sought to make the entrance the effective building hub,” he adds. “The aim was to create an open and friendly reception area. Because it has a central location between the large waiting room and the corridor leading to the consultation rooms, it was ideally placed to service all the daily activity.”

Also, Dr Jenny Østergaard is very satisfied with the organisation of the renovated building. "It is important in our medical centre that we can communicate easily, collect test results and help each other. Equally it’s important to have a good atmosphere so we have worked hard to achieve these goals with the interior design."

Troldtekt panels were the chosen material throughout to provide good acoustics. The panels were familiar to both the doctors and the architect and hence one of the many things that it was easy to agree on. The colour scheme was also important so Interior designer Mette Warberg found the right colour balance in consultation with Mads Østergaard and the doctors.