Natural and welcoming by day and by night

Stepping into Eydes, you step into a modern and atmospheric café environment which gradually comes to life before your eyes. The newly redesigned interior is welcoming to all types of guests, as has always been the hallmark of Eydes.

Troldtekt line acoustic ceilings ensure superior acoustics and connect the café, bar and restaurant zones at Restaurant Eydes in Odense, Denmark
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

Eydes is a café, eatery and bar rolled into one and is situated on the pedestrian shopping street in the Danish town of Odense on the island of Funen. It is extremely popular and following its recent makeover has attracted the curiosity of even more locals as well as people from further afield on Funen.

KAKI Spaces has been in charge of the new interior design, and has been able to draw on its extensive knowledge of the special Eydes DNA from prior interior design work. Inspired by the strong popular appeal of the place, the aim of the new decor has been to create a modern venue using natural materials for a sensuous experience.

A lot of wood, tiles, plastered walls and fabrics have been used, all of which are very tactile materials. Plants and superior acoustics enhance the atmosphere and the strong sense of presence you cannot but feel at Eydes.

Ceiling adds rhythm

Coming through the doors, you are welcomed by smiling staff, and you can choose to sit either at the front near the windows, or retreat to the restaurant zone towards the back, which is also where the bar is situated.

KAKI Spaces sees the two zones as representing Eydes' daytime consciousness and nighttime conciousness. At the front, Troldtekt line has been installed on the ceilings, which – quite apart from ensuring superior acoustics – highlights the depth of the room and directs the attention towards the buffet at the back of the restaurant, which also features a Troldtekt line acoustic ceiling in the colour natural wood.

In a room with many layers of furniture, decorative features and lighting, the ceiling holds everything together beautifully, while at the same time adding a distinctly exclusive touch. Black Troldtekt has been chosen for the more high-ceilinged middle section around the bar to mark a break or pause, which after all is exactly what a bar is for.