Food and sound in a class of their own at Tabu

Tabu restaurant, Aalborg, Denmark
Photo: Tommy Kosior

“Good food, carefully selected wines and pleasant acoustics should go hand in hand at restaurants.”

Susanne Kær, co-owner of Restaurant Tabu and a particularly practised restaurateur, knows what it takes to create a positive culinary experience for diners. 

“Our guests must be able to relax while enjoying the food and each other’s company. Here, everyone is welcome. The restaurant is equally suited for business meetings and romantic meals à deux; what matters in both cases is the love and respect for good food. In an inviting atmosphere, we want to offer a high level of quality and informal, yet competent service in relaxed and tasteful surroundings.”

Only six weeks after opening in 2014, Tabu was included in the White Guide Nordic, a restaurant guide listing the 250 best restaurants in Scandinavia. Restaurant Tabu is included because it stands out among the gastronomic stars in Aalborg thanks to its fundamental and uncompromising focus on quality. The raw ingredients are local, fresh and organic, the wines are specially selected by Susanne Kær, a qualified sommelier, and in the kitchen, the chef Kim Jeppesen conjures up gastronomic creations which do more than simply titilate the taste buds.

The restaurant was designed by local artist Betina Jung who – using colour, artworks of varying sizes and specially selected materials – has created the perfect setting for diners to savour the outstanding culinary experiences. The walls are bare brick, the floor is orange, while the black Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceiling calmly bring it all together. All in all, the restaurant design produces a unique and atmospheric feel which the two owners are extremely happy with.

“With Betina Jung’s help, Tabu now has an interior which tickles our guests’ curiosity. In our view, the restaurant has exactly the intimate and friendly atmosphere we sought, and it definitely enhances the diners’ overall experience,” says Susanne Kær.     

In addition to the high quality of the food and wine, good and pleasant acoustics were also a high priority for Susanne Kær and Kim Jeppesen. Susanne Kær says that the acoustic environment in restaurants is decisive for how long diners spend, and whether they come back. She was familiar with the properties of Troldtekt acoustic ceiling panels after seeing them in several private homes, so she knew exactly what she wanted. 

“I’ve seen Troldtekt in a number of houses, so I was well aware that the panels create extremely good acoustics. And as we could choose exactly the colour we wanted, we didn’t have to think twice. We would never want our staff to have to strain their ears to hear what customers are asking for. Equally, even when the restaurant is full, our guests should feel comfortable and be able to talk to one another without raising their voices. We chose Troldtekt for the ceilings because it met all our requirements in terms of appearance, functionality and properties.