Jordbærmarken terraced housing

This development of ten terraced houses at Jordbærmarken is situated near Fuglsang Lake in Tjørring, outside Herning in central Jutland. The brick houses are designed not only to create a sense of community amongst the residents but also to offer attractive interiors coupled with pleasant acoustics.

Troldtekt, Jordbærmarken
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect MAA

Great views are achieved with monopitch roofs, because the roof is lower above the entrance and kitchen while it is higher on the living room and bedroom sides opening up views towards the meadow and lake a short distance away. 

In many new developments, the focus is often on impressive floors and attractive white walls but the ceiling is also an important surface, not least in terms of acoustics. This is especially so with high ceilings which are often the cause of extra long noise reverberation times.

Sten Zaulich, CEO of AA Ejendomme A/S which developed and sold the houses, says that his company likes to ensure good acoustics in its properties and therefore always choses Troldtekt for the ceilings.

“We particularly recommend this solution for families with children and terraced houses with open-plan kitchens,” says Sten Zaulich. “In our experience, houses with good acoustics, a pleasant atmosphere and calm surfaces are the most attractive. We call it a good indoor climate!”

One of the residents at Jordbærmarken has moved from a large house in Herning and enjoys living in his brand new terraced home. In particular, he appreciates the extra ceiling height and the light which add a special quality. His ceiling, like all those in the development, are clad with white Troldtekt panels to ensure that the light, bright and open interiors enjoy a sense of visual harmony and extremely good acoustics.