Senior homes designed for community and an active lifestyle

The BonTop +55 residential community in Mölnlycke, to the south of Gothenburg, is a place where residents can live an active and social life together. The building has a garden in the middle, with a subtropical Mediterranean climate under a specially designed glass roof. Kanozi Arkitekter is behind the design.

One of Sweden’s first BonTop communities has been built in Mölnlycke, about 10 minutes' drive from Gothenburg. It was built by Bo Aktiv Sverige AB. BonTop is a housing community for people aged 55 and over, where social community and physical activity are paramount. One of its most interesting features is the centre of the building, which has a specially designed glass roof. Under this, a large garden with palm trees, cactus and fruit trees has been created in a pleasant Mediterranean climate.

Kanozi Arkitekter were the designers behind the project.

​"The subtropical winter garden is an important part of the building. It creates the right conditions for socialising and gatherings, even during the dark and cold part of the year. The garden is a natural assembly point and a reason to meet up and look after the facility," says Johan Casselbrant, architect and creative director of Kanozi Arkitekter. He continues:

"Architecture affects people’s living conditions, and BonTop is an example of how good building can help build a social community among neighbours, especially for older people, and where it is easy and optional to spend time together over a cup of coffee, a round of pétanque or in the spa area. Research shows that the elderly people feel better when they live a socially active life. We also know that people stay healthier much longer into old age when they are part of a community where they can live a more active and mobile lifestyle."

Troldtekt – baked into the design

In addition to the garden, the 87 apartments also have access to a fitness centre, swimming pool and sauna, which are conducive to the residents’ physical activity. Other facilities such as shops, a pharmacy, health centre and much more are also within walking distance.

The home also has completely private terraces and a zone inside the conservatory for nearly every apartment, as an intermediate zone between private and common areas.

Classic Troldtekt in natural wood has been chosen for several sections in BonTop. This includes the ceilings on all galleries in the building that look out onto the subtropical garden, as well as on the ground floor and in the spa area. This contributes towards a calm acoustic environment, and in terms of design Troldtekt works well with the other materials selected for the BonTop project.

"The choice of materials is in line with the overall idea of creating a living environment with greenery and building elements that contain natural raw materials. And here, Troldtekt’s products are a great fit," says Johan Casselbrant.