Focus on water as a vital resource

The shiny exterior and the circular facade give the new building a timeless look, yet one suffused with energy. And as much of the ground floor is transparent, the upper level appears to float, so that the entire structure is distinguished by its visual elegance.

Troldtekt Aqua Globe
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect

The public utility company Skanderborg Forsyningsvirksomhed a/s is based on the edge of a scenic area slightly to the south-west of Skanderborg town centre. With views of the woods, the new circular centre brings people together for innovation, knowledge and experiences. As the name AquaGlobe suggests, it’s all about water – the most important resource on planet Earth. Because there’s no life without clean water.

The AquaGlobe Water Solution Center brings together the most ambitious players in the industry with a view to delivering solutions that provide access to clean water and sanitation for all. Here, new, innovative and sustainable water technology is developed and tested in Skanderborg Forsyningsvirksomhed’s plant to provide measurements in real time. The centre contributes to promoting Danish exports, protecting local jobs and addressing the global water crisis.

At reception, visitors are welcomed at a sculpturally shaped desk which is, naturally, painted blue like water. The foyer is the bright and airy heart of the building, and the beautiful room also functions as a showroom. On the ground floor there is also a canteen with views of the woods to the south.

The circular atrium connects the floors. The first floor has a large open-plan office environment with a very special atmosphere due to its completely circular shape. There are also various meeting rooms and informal sofa arrangements for reflection or conversation. On the top floor are changing rooms for employees working out in the field.

The very open layout is obviously acoustically challenging. However, it has been possible to create a pleasant sound environment through the extensive use of white-painted Troldtekt acoustic panels on all the ceiling surfaces. The result is a sense of calm in an otherwise dynamic building with many fine details – like the unbroken ceiling surfaces visible through the glass partitions.