When control of sound is vital

The Astana Media Center, designed by Tabanlıoğlu Architects, was conceived as a stunning and distinctive media project, housing Kazakhstan national radio and TV studios and offices.

Troldtekt, Astana Media Center
Photo: Thomas Mayer

It is not only a significant structure but also a synergetic project designed to blend with the daily life of Astana and linking Kazakhstan efficiently to the rest of the world.

This stunning 22 storey high tower is one of the most striking buildings in Astana, a city that has been hailed Worldwide for its innovative and experimental architecture. It has become the country’s chief technological broadcasting platform and meets all international standard requirements for creating high-quality films, TV and radio programmes, as well as organising concerts, press conferences and meetings.

The new facility aims to enhance the professionalism of TV journalism, television and filmmaking in Kazakhstan. The huge complex occupies 75,500 sqm with 7,000 sqm of studios and over 21,000 sqm of offices. There are 14 major television studio units, including facilities with the latest high-definition technology for creating TV series and round the clock news, plus 4 large audio recording areas together with a large contemporary concert hall in which orchestras, gala performances and other events can be staged.

Obviously, control of extraneous sound, echoes and noise is vital in any broadcasting facility where programmes are continuously being made at the same time as hundreds of people are visiting or being entertained. This is the reason why high performance acoustics and the control of sound were such an important consideration of the interior design and why 30,000 sqm of Troldtekt acoustic panels in the colour natural wood with an ultrafine structure were installed.