Stunning surface designs for wall and ceilings

Black Troldtekt line design chosen by sustainable building contractor

HSB is a large Dutch construction company that specialises in new construction, renovations and subcontracting. Based in Volendam, the company employs over 336 people and is well known for its CSR strategy and sustainable building techniques.

The renovation of its own headquarters in the Slobbeland, offered a great opportunity for the company to demonstrate its own high-end design credentials and top-quality finishing.

For this project, installer Kwakman Afbouw Volendam ensured the smooth edges and the acoustic comfort of this expressive modern interior.

New ceilings and flooring were installed as part of the makeover together with the replacement of the ageing central oak staircase with a modern version. In addition, new HVAC systems were installed to provide heating and cooling while also enhancing energy efficiency.

From the warm and friendly reception area to the stylish and elegantly finished meeting rooms, HSB chose a sleek black finish in Troldtekt® line design with its perfectly symmetrical vertical lines. These acoustic panels help combat the problems of reverberated sound coming from all the new hard surfaces and also add tactile and visual appeal. The panels running through the rooms, corridors and break-out areas add a sense of uniformity across the whole building and offset the light wood of the herringbone flooring and interior paint scheme.

The milled grooves which run across the ceilings offer an additional sophisticated and interesting architectural feature. Combining panels generates continuous grooves with a seamless look and invisible joints. This means viewers perceive the surface pattern as a whole because it is difficult to detect where the panels meet.

The ‘design solutions’ range offers architects great flexibility and each solution is intended to form a complete acoustic surface, whether large or small. The range comprises Troldtekt® line and Troldtekt® line design with perfectly symmetrical vertical lines, Troldtekt® tilt line with asymmetrical grooves, Troldtekt® curves, Troldtekt® tiles, Troldtekt® puzzle, 3-dimensional Troldtekt® rhomb, Troldtekt® rhomb mini and Troldtekt® dots. Troldtekt® dots is a fascinating design comprising 66 round indentations of varying size, adding a dynamic pattern of circular elements to the entire ceiling or wall surface. Each features its own distinctive pattern and a unique style which, when coupled with colours, offers specifiers huge amounts of flexibility to realise their most creative projects.