Architects show the way

Randers Arkitekten has transformed the building in which the firm is based from a dedicated commercial property into a mix of offices and exclusive residential units. The project has been strongly focused on creating green and sustainable solutions, resulting in the company’s premises being classified as the first Active House architectural office in Denmark.

Acoustic ceilings from Troldtekt in offices and commercial properties
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

UPCYCLE by Randers Arkitekten is the theme for the firm’s expansion on the first floor, where office facilities, meeting rooms, a virtual reality (VR) room and an integrated showroom are all placed. From the outset, ambitions for the project were high as regards sustainability, the working environment and environment-friendly measures. At the same time, there was a strong desire to integrate the UN’s 17 Global Goals, among other things through choosing the right materials.

From the firm’s existing premises on the ground floor, a new learning staircase about the 17 Global Goals leads up to the new facilities. The stairs are made from oak sourced from sustainable forestry, and designed so they can ultimately be dismantled and reused elsewhere.

Arranged and built using sustainable materials that support the Global Goals, the first floor will serve as a showroom to inspire customers and partners.

Keywords have been sustainability, recycling and the 17 Global Goals. For example, seaweed has been used to insulate the walls, and the new kitchens, lamps and furniture are made from recycled plastic, household waste and old fishing nets. In addition, it was decided to preserve as much of the existing building as possible. The suspended acoustic ceilings were removed, exposing the raw concrete ceilings. Consequently, new acoustic regulation was needed.

Toilet core clad with Troldtekt line design

To aesthetically and acoustically balance the hard walls, ceilings and floors on the first floor, Randers Arkitekten decided to clad their centrally placed toilet core with Troldtekt line design acoustic panels. The Troldtekt line design conveys warmth and a modern look combined with sound-absorbing properties.

Sense of detail

Troldtekt line design with a varied pattern of milled grooves was chosen to add visual vibrancy to the rooms, producing different looks depending on the angle from which the wall surfaces are viewed.

The edges have been milled/cut where the panels meet the ceiling, and also at floor level, where bamboo skirting has been elegantly integrated. In addition, the panels have been milled around all the electrical sockets and switches, which neatly blend into the design solution without attracting too much attention. At all the corners on the sides of the toilet core, the Troldtekt line design acoustic panels have been elegantly cut to ensure a neat finish – a fine detail that contributes to a coherent look.