Bringing Light to Life

It was in the Danish town of Østbirk that the window production was established in 1946, and now you can experience the story of VELUX and the path to building with more daylight and for a better indoor climate. The VELUX Collection in Østbirk is highly informative as well as being an aesthetic experience.

Acoustic ceilings from Troldtekt in offices and commercial properties
Photo: Architect Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

‘Bringing Light to Life’ is the theme of the new showroom, which is part of VELUX Collection in Østbirk in East Jutland. The old, red brick building has been impressively transformed into a venue for an historical exhibition and a showroom for displaying the multitude of possibilities and window technologies available today for bringing daylight into our homes.

In the showroom, one storey has been partially removed to make way for a huge open space with a vaulted ceiling and, of course, rows of VELUX windows along the entire roof surface, flooding the room with daylight. A central table there is surrounded by a tall construction of angled columns to illustrate different sloping roof surfaces that frame the windows. This is used to present the latest technological and design solutions offered by VELUX windows. An air of discreet elegance pervades the entire room, with integrated lighting enhancing the way in which daylight is presented.

Focus on indoor climate

For VELUX, roof windows are also about creating a healthy indoor climate. Tightly sealed windows which can be opened to let in the fresh air are essential for the indoor climate in a home. ‘Bringing Light to Life’ has been created with white Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceilings and the interior gables, ensuring pleasant acoustics and thereby a good indoor climate.

One end of the room accommodates all the practical facilities, on top of which a conference room has been established with glass walls for seamless visual integration with the high-ceilinged room. VELUX-red chairs beautifully contrast the otherwise simple and white interior.

On the high gable wall clad with Troldtekt acoustic panels, a number of monitors are juxtaposed in a mosaic pattern for displaying changing images of various VELUX references. The combination of glossy screens, rustic wall and Troldtekt acoustic panels is one of many ingenious interior design details.

In 2017, Troldtekt was presented with the Building Component Award by the VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN foundations. At the award presentation, the award committee said:

“Troldtekt acoustic panels are a showcase example of how a relatively simple building component with limited applicability has been developed further, so that the panels today combine aesthetics and functionality, and can be used in many different types of construction projects. Combined with Troldtekt’s clear environmental profile and sustainability work, the component is creating considerable value for the construction industry’s stakeholders and users.”