Rhombs create a sense of unity

In designing the offices for the engineering company Wissenberg A/S in a former industrial building in Nørrebro, a cosmopolitan district of Copenhagen, a key focus point was creating a sense of openness and a good working environment. The Troldtekt rhomb wall by the stairs has improved the acoustics and has a strongly unifying effect.

Troldtekt, Wissenberg
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

Joan Torenholt has been responsible for the interior design of the offices on two levels for the engineers Wissenberg A/S. The company wanted to signal that it is not a conventional, traditional engineering company, but more in line with the rich and diverse district where the office building is located.

To create an internal connection between the two floors, an oblique hole was cut in the floor to accommodate an inviting staircase for both employees and visitors. On one side of the stairs is a large wall section which visually links the two floors, designed as an eye-catching signature element. A graphic decoration using Troldtekt rhomb panels, which also ensures good acoustics.

Many shades

Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed in several places on the office and canteen ceilings, and it therefore made perfect sense to try out Troldtek’s new rhomb panels for an integrated solution with acoustic properties.

Joan Torenholt chose three shades of blue, and played with various compositions to find out how to arrange the panels on the wall. The end result is extremely successful – both as a calming surface and as a way of stimulating the senses as you walk by.

The wall is darker at the bottom, gradually becoming lighter towards the skylight above, thereby accentuating the degree of daylight.

The three-dimensional effect of the rhomb shapes is evident in some places, but not everywhere, making it less intrusive as a decorative feature. The blue rhomb wall is an effective focal point in the otherwise very light and airy offices, adding an edgy look to the entire office interior.