Engineering campus with charm

The Aarhus University School of Engineering is located in Katrinebjerg in northern Aarhus, and houses 3,000 students and employees within four engineering degree programmes. The campus comprises a combination of new buildings and converted commercial and industrial buildings.

The Katrinebjerg district was previously home to many small and medium-sized businesses, and is still characterised by this naturally evolved structure and layout. Gradually, Aarhus University has taken over the buildings or built new facilities, with the area also being known as IT City Katrinebjerg which also counts Incuba Science Park and the IT Park.  The three buildings that belong to Aarhus University School of Engineering have been named after famous engineers, with the newest being called ‘Edison’. This is a distinctive building with yellow glass fins running vertically between the windows at the ends of the building, and which give the structure a sense of identity. The building is narrow and modern, and in its own way forms the backbone of the built environment, which is linked by paths and planted areas.

Rational design and acoustics
The buildings that have been converted are situated opposite ‘Edison’, and are called ‘Kahn’ and ‘Shannon’. The latter is also known as ‘Fabrikken’ (The Factory), as it has a very classic industrial architecture. After extensive renovation work, the building has been converted into a modern and flexible building for students. The main central space, which is lit by windows from the side, has no pillars, and is fitted out as a lecture theatre. The existing structure is visible, and has its own aesthetics, while bearing witness to the building’s rational purposes. Good acoustics are required in these teaching rooms, and the Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceiling have been combined with other types of acoustic regulation. The building’s wings have slightly sloping ceilings, and Troldtekt has largely been installed here as well. The pleasant acoustics provide a good atmosphere, and thus contribute to the productive study environment that characterises Aarhus University.