New centrepiece for the Elbinsel Campus

With the expansion of the vocational school (BS) 13, the Elbinsel Campus for vocational training in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg now boasts a new centrepiece.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels ensure superior acoustics in schools and educational institutions
Photo: Torben Weiß

Designed to fit in with the existing building, which was rebuilt and modernised at the same time, the compact new building with the red brick facade on Dratelnstraße exudes a transparent and inviting atmosphere thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows on the ground floor and the punched window facade spanning all floors. Across some 2,700 m2, students at the vocational school and vocational college learn about metal-processing technologies, environmental technology and plant mechanics in preparation for their professional future.

The school, which was established through a merger of two existing schools, was housed until recently in Eimsbüttel, also offers supplemental educational programmes to prepare students for their vocational training and help them obtain professional qualifications. To acquire higher-level education degrees, students can also attend the Technical Gymnasium or the Technical Secondary School. Trade guilds also use the newly built complex for advanced training courses.

On the inside, neutral colours such as white and grey prevail, while brightly coloured furniture provides colourful highlights. In the sanitary facilities, turquoise wall tiling adds a touch of colour to the otherwise simple design of the rooms. Elongated and round skylights ensure optimal light conditions throughout the entire building. Daylight also filters into the building through large windows with profiles in anthracite.

Grey Troldtekt acoustic ceiling panels were installed in all technical and class rooms, in the corridors, stairwells and in the sanitary facilities, serving as both a functional element and a design feature. They satisfy the strictest requirements for the complex but crucial purpose of sound-absorption in educational buildings and also comply with the most stringent standards in regard to fire protection.