An extraordinary campus characterised by dynamism and purism

Much has changed since former newsreader Dagmar Berghoff graduated from a girls’ grammar school in Hamburg-Harburg in 1962. The former grammar school is now called the Lessing District School and comprises part of an extraordinary school campus at the south end of the metropolis on the Elbe river.

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Photo: Diplomingeniør Olaf Wiechers, arkitekt

The Hanhoopsfeld site unites two educational institutions. Six rectangular buildings were added to the existing Alexander von Humboldt Grammar School, providing sufficient space for the students and staff of the Lessing District School to develop and flourish.

During the course of the Hanhoopsfeld Hamburg Project, Vienna-based architecture firm AllesWirdGut designed a dynamic ensemble of six buildings – including a three-field sports hall – for more than 1500 students across an extensive and topographically challenging area. The campus is nestled in the middle of beautiful parkland with its own habitat, an open-air theatre, cultivation areas and ample seating. The building project is the largest of its kind in general schooling in Hamburg.

Eye-catching white bricks

The well-proportioned, standalone buildings are staggered and subtly graduated in height, fitting perfectly into the dynamics of the striking terrain. Visually, the buildings with their uniform, rust-coloured brick facades are in perfect harmony. The white bricks are particularly eye-catching, artfully framing the windows and creating bright accents.

The shared multi-purpose building on the north perimeter of the campus is the hub and acts as the link between the district school and the grammar school. It is located on the visual axis between the main entrances of the two schools, providing a visible reference point. Inside, the kitchen, music rooms and creative rooms are arranged around a central canteen and the auditorium.

The classrooms are similarly arranged in the rest of the buildings, which surround the central atrium. The atrium is used as an access area, classroom and communication space.

Interplay of material and colour

Inside, all of the buildings are uniformly purist with a clear design. Large window facades and a clever lighting concept make the buildings bright, friendly and inviting. Upon entering the rooms, there is an immediate sense of being able to concentrate on what is important, without distractions. This is achieved in part by dominant grey and white tones combined with a modern concrete look.

Warm wood elements – used as cladding for the window frames, on the handrails or for the graduated seating in the auditorium – and a few black details emphasise the features and create a harmonious interplay between light and dark. Portraits of school namesakes Lessing and Humboldt turn heads in the impressive auditorium, seemingly casting a close eye on school life and radiating a calming serenity.

Troldtekt acoustic panels for optimum sound absorption

The ceiling surface, spread over more than 10,000 square metres, is made up of Troldtekt acoustic panels that fit perfectly into the interior architecture. These panels guarantee optimum sound absorption throughout the lively school day while complying with the highest requirements in fire safety.