A local cultural and resource centre

The Jetsmark School Centre brings together three communities north of the Limfjord in Denmark.

Ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in school buildings

The Jetmark School Centre was opened on18 August 2023 by Crown Princess Mary. A new landmark for the three communities of the area was ready to be used by children, teachers and staff. The centre houses a three-track school from 0-9th grades with integrated SFO and space for preschool pupils. Sports and Movement take place at the Jetsmark Sports Centre right next door.

With its fluid internal structure, the school provides an optimal framework for various activities and events during the day. Local cultural clubs and associations also benefit from the facilities of the new school. That's why it was built as a flexible and multi-purpose facility, ensuring indoor and outdoor areas could be used for many different purposes.

Focus on inclusion and flexibility

The new school centre is a group of structures with the centre building as the highest. This is the heart of the complex and where pulsating life is found all the time. Inside, materials such as concrete, veneer, coloured linoleum floors and white-painted Troldtekt acoustic ceilings help to create a bright and friendly environment.

The architects from Nordic A/S say: "The primary focus was to create new learning spaces that are inclusive and flexible. It was also important for us to take its special North Jutland environment as a starting point and emphasise it through materials and colour schemes. Nature’s slightly soft and dusty colours, which are found in the sea straw and sea buckthorn, have been used, and are reflected in the brick from Wienerberger."

White Troldtekt acoustic panels has been installed in the classrooms and a number of specialist subject rooms. In other parts of the school, such as the high Hjerterum (heart room), the acoustic panels are installed directly on the ceilings and walls. This helps to create a beautifully coherent impression in the large complex.