Holiday feeling in Kinderland

The renovated Moselbad indoor swimming pool in Cochem offers plenty of entertainment for the whole family.

Photo: Olaf Wiechers, architect

Although Cochem an der Mosel in Rhineland-Palatinate is the smallest district town in Germany with just 5000 inhabitants, it doesn’t have to live in the shadow of other towns when it comes to its leisure facilities – quite the opposite. The Mosel swimming pool in particular is a popular attraction and now offers even more entertainment for the whole family following extensive renovation work to bring it up to the latest standards of energy and technology.

Aqua fun under the light dome

In addition to the idyllic outdoor pool situated between the vineyards, there is an indoor pool and a wave maker with fast 55 metre flumes and waterfall as well as a spacious sauna area with dry saunas, sanarium and steam sauna. An impressive children’s play area adds to the fun. Below a light dome measuring some 22 metres in diameter supported by triangular wooden elements, there are various pools and colourful attractions for children of all ages and their guardians. One highlight is the wide yellow slide for racing down into the water together.

From babies to adults – there’s something for everyone here

In the warm pools the little ones can even open dams, reroute streams and thus create their own waterscape. Even the tiniest humans will feel comfortable and can play safely in a separate splash pool. Above the children’s play area, adults can relax on comfortable loungers and in the jacuzzi or watch the frivolities below from the wooden balcony. The Bikini Bar also offers a real holiday feel.

Acoustic ceiling panels make for a pleasant atmosphere

The entire children’s play area is bright and airy thanks to plenty of large windows. In keeping with the light floor tiles, the ceilings are also fitted with suave light grey acoustic panels, which help create a pleasant atmosphere in the pool. Dark blue panels with wavy patterns catch the eye above the slides and cleverly continue the water theme.

In the baby rest room, which includes two blue car-shaped cots and a baby changing area, the blue ceiling panels offer a pleasing colourful contrast to the light floor and give the area a cosy and welcoming feel.