Why Troldtekt is the obvious acoustic solution in senior housing

Tranquility, character and cosiness. Troldtekt acoustic panels help create healthy and comfortable interiors in housing for seniors. At the same time, it is a robust solution that can be painted again and again without compromising its acoustic properties.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in healthcare buildings
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect / Ejendomsfoto.dk

Homes for seniors should be calm, comfortable and cosy. But they must also be healthy places to live and simple to maintain. This means the building materials must be functional, aesthetic, robust and free from harmful chemicals. Troldtekt acoustic panels tick all those boxes.

This makes Troldtekt a popular choice for architecture for seniors – both in individual flats and in communal areas.


Photo: Privately owned nursing home in Gilleleje, Denmark

Good acoustics ensure peace and well-being  

Both healthy seniors and elderly people in need of care thrive in quiet environments. Acoustics are key. Hard materials such as plaster, stone, glass and concrete reflect sounds and throw them back into the room, causing reverberation. More porous materials with an open surface structure instead absorb the sound.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool is one of the most effective materials for ensuring short reverberation times – including in senior housing and assisted-living units. A ceiling consisting of Troldtekt acoustic panels will typically absorb up to 80-90 per cent of the sound, while concrete absorbs only 1-2 per cent.

The optimum effect is achieved when Troldtekt acoustic panels are installed with mineral wool backing and a gap of 200-300 mm between the panels and the original ceiling. This solution is particularly suitable for large communal spaces with special acoustic requirements. In homes, the Troldtekt panels can often be installed directly on wooden battens.


Endlessly flexible design options

Troldtekt is available in different textures, colours, designs and edge styles. A particularly popular choice for communal areas in senior housing and assisted-living facilities is the distinctive Troldtekt design solutions range.

A good example is Hildis Have in Hillerød, where 24 of the 84 flats form a senior housing community gathered in one building. At ground floor level, the flats have the use of a shared lounge opening out onto a patio. White Troldtekt tiles adorn the end wall around the patio doors; they are integrated into the décor while also providing effective acoustic regulation. Elsewhere in the building, Troldtekt tiles have also been chosen, but as a burgundy wall surface.

At Solgaven nursing home, which caters specifically for elderly people and people with visual impairment, the attractive designs serve another purpose too. For example, the two architectural firms involved, CUBO and Force4, incorporated wayfinding into the use of colours and materials in a way that activates all the senses. The Troldtekt rhomb solution was chosen for the walls in shimmering colours that match the colour theme of each floor.

The installation of Troldtekt panels also allows for great design flexibility. At the Skovparken care centre, a rail system for disabled people is hidden above the Troldtekt acoustic ceiling inside the care homes. This has been achieved by lowering the Troldtekt ceilings by around 15 centimetres.


Natural strength and long service life

Troldtekt combines the strengths of its component materials: The cement makes the panels robust, while the wood makes them flexible and breathable. The natural strength gives the acoustic panels a service life of at least 50–70 years.

During their service life, it is possible to spray-paint the panels again and again without impairing the acoustic properties. This is a great advantage in rental housing, where there is a regular flow of new residents moving in.

Troldtekt acoustic panels can also absorb and release moisture – making them very suitable for wet rooms such as bathrooms and spaces with swimming pools. 

The Danish Technological Institute has documented that Troldtekt acoustic panels are suitable for installing in rooms with:

  • moisture levels of up to 98 per cent (+/- 2 per cent)

  • high temperatures of up to at least 40 degrees.

A documented healthy choice

Troldtekt consists of certified Danish wood (FSC®C115450 and PEFC™) and cement. The two raw materials are combined into cement-bonded wood wool, which is completely free of hazardous substances. Troldtekt has achieved the Danish Indoor Climate Label in the best categories for degassing and particle emission and therefore contributes to a healthy home. 

“The sustainable Cradle to Cradle design concept is at the heart of Troldtekt’s business strategy. That’s why Troldtekt works strategically with five sustainability categories:


  • Material Health

  • Product Circularity

  • Clean Air & Climate Protection

  • Water & Soil Stewardship

  • Social Fairness


The entire range of Troldtekt acoustic panels, both in natural wood/natural grey and painted in our standard colours, has achieved Cradle to Cradle certification at Gold level.

In spring 2022, Troldtekt launched acoustic panels based on the reduced-carbon cement type FUTURECEM™. Troldtekt acoustic panels based on FUTURECEM have a carbon footprint over their entire life cycle that is 26.4 per cent lower than that of Troldtekt based on grey cement, and 37.7 per cent lower than that of Troldtekt based on white cement.

Environmental product declarations (EPDs) for the different Troldtekt variants are part of Troldtekt’s comprehensive documentation for both climate footprint and material health. Ramboll has documented how Troldtekt contributes to the leading certifications of sustainable buildings.