A harmony of raw aesthetics

Cement-bonded wood wool in dark natural goes well with concrete and oak in rooms with lots of daylight, while black ceilings can create a more intimate, evening-like atmosphere.

Anders Tyrrestrup, a partner at AART architects, explains why Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural grey were chosen for ‘Pakhusene’ – or The Warehouses – at Aarhus Docklands in Denmark.

In the rapidly growing Aarhus Docklands district in Denmark’s second-largest city, AART architects has created a modern combined residential and commercial development. The first phase was ready in 2017, while the second phase is due for occupation in 2020.

Many different companies – including AART architects – have already moved into the commercial part of the 35,000-square-metre project. Here, inspired by the sharing economy principles, they share functions such as meeting rooms, a canteen, harbour baths and even a fitness centre with a sauna.

Using tactile brick facades and form-worked concrete surfaces with exposed installations, the architects have created a raw aesthetic feel inspired by the harbour’s old warehouses, says Anders Tyrrestrup: 

“We’ve consciously wanted to create a basic structure that reflects the building’s identity as a raw industrial facility, and where the tenants enjoy considerable freedom to adapt the interiors to meet their particular needs. This has been achieved through the use of robust materials such as concrete and oak, and by leaving the materials in their raw state rather than opting for large expanses of painted surfaces,” says Anders Tyrrestrup. 

Good working environment and indoor climate

As the ‘Pakhusene’ development is also somewhere where people go to work, AART architects have carefully ensured that there is a good working environment and a comfortable acoustic indoor climate. Among other things, the architects have chosen Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in natural grey, where the dark shades exclusively stem from the grey cement which is used as a binder in the cement-bonded wood wool panels. The result is a more rustic interplay of colours than with painted acoustic panels, which give the surface a more uniform look.

“The ceiling is carefully matched with the brick and wood elements. The natural dark grey shades interact beautifully with the concrete floors and the form-worked concrete wall elements. The untreated cement-bonded wood wool lends warmth and a raw feeling of naturalness to match the building’s obvious materiality, creating a coherent identity and a clean look. There are high ceilings and plenty of daylight, so it doesn’t matter that the grey colour does not reflect that much light. The important thing is that it goes with the other materials,” says Anders Tyrrestrup.

The Troldtekt ceilings also contribute points towards the DGNB Gold certification awarded to ‘Pakhusene’.

Atmospheric black

In another project in Filmby Aarhus, Anders Tyrrestrup and his colleagues are thinking about using black Troldtekt ceilings to create a more intimate evening-like atmosphere to suit the cinematic universe.

“A black ceiling can enhance the lighting in rooms where daylight is not needed. In other offices with more daylight, grey Troldtekt acoustic ceilings must be used, but here the black can help to create a special atmosphere,” says Anders Tyrrestrup.

FACTS: ‘Pakhusene’ at Aarhus Dockland

Architects: AART architects
Client: Domis (stage 1), Kilden & Hindby (stage 1), PFA Ejendomme (stage 2)

Troldtekt products:
Ceiling panels: Troldtekt acoustic panels
Colour: Natural grey
Structure: Fine (1.5 mm wood wool)
Edge design: 5 mm bevelled edges, K5

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Anders Tyrrestrup, Partner at AART architects.